Nation News breaks story of Chefette Sunset Crest sale
The Nation reported that Chefette at Holetown has been sold to an undisclosed principal, rumoured to be a British-owned investment firm. The sale price is also a secret, but sources place it at “$40 million plus”. There are several pros and cons in this sale.

Cons - The Bad News First
There is close to 100% probability that beachfront access will be restricted even further. This goes against Barbadian tradition, but it is happening all over the island.

The sale of Barbadian land to non-nationals appears to be continuing, but it still brings prosperity to at least some Barbadians. With land prices obviously booming, this makes land even less affordable for most Barbadians.

Construction of more high-density residences cannot be good for the dire traffic situation on the West Coast.

And Now The Good News

There will be no loss of jobs in Chefette - we applaud the owners for this pledge. And Chefette will have more funds to expand elsewhere. Friends all over the world appreciate Chefette’s tasty food and informal atmosphere, not to mention the reasonable prices.

There should be more jobs for Barbadians in the construction of condominiums on the Gold Coast. But will they last in the long-term, and is such development beneficial in any other way?

Will Details of the Sale Ever be Registered?
There were high hopes of transparency and integrity under the new DLP government. But they have their work cut out for them. It will not be easy to “clean house” all over the nation and do away with this practice of having some public documents continually unavailable to the public. There are several documents that come to mind, not just the Chefette sale!

Barbados Free Press mentions this apparent lack of transparency, and also questions whether proper planning permission procedures have been followed. Barbados Underground deplores the spoiling of Barbados’ beautiful beaches with ugly buildings. Unfortunately both ugly and pretty condos will mean more garbage and sewage… not a great future for the beaches either.