Barbados Underground recently ran an article on Nude Beaches in Barbados, so we thought we should comment. We found this story on an IRS collector who retired to a nude beach in Miami.

“Larry Fleischman …. had a good job as an IRS collection officer during the week. He took joy in nailing doctors and lawyers. But something irked him.”

Below: Mr. Fleischman standing next to an official Miami-Dade County Lifeguard station and truck. Flags (right to left): Stars and Stripes, Yellow Caution flag for sea conditions, and Yin-Yang plus ??? (Photo from Miami New Times - click for link.)

“But on a recent Tuesday, as the nation went sick and crazy with primary fever, Fleischman roved Miami-Dade County’s clothing-optional beach like a king rooster. The 78-year-old strutted across the sand, clad only in a woven palm hat stuffed with feathers and strung with Mardi Gras beads.”

Here are my concerns:

  1. Is this what we want for Barbadian beaches? Is this suitable for our children?
  2. Are our Barbadian tax Collectors going to follow Mr. Fleischman’s role?
  3. Will additional police presence be required to protect the nudists?
  4. Will the Government be required to post disclaimers on the dangers of nude volleyball?

Read the entire story here on Miami New Times and discover the dangers of nude volleyball.