Courtesy of BarbadosFreePress

Notice published Oct 9, 2007 in the Nation News
(Photo of ad courtesy of BarbadosFreePress)

For months, the Canadian courts have been trying to serve Iain Deane.

Lawyers for the defendants, including Iain Deane’s lawyer in Barbados, Vernon Smith, were apparently unable to find Deane, as unusual as this may seem!

After initial attempts were unsuccessful, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered that an ad be placed in the local Barbadian papers. Click here to link to a copy of the Court Order (pdf file) relating to the newspaper ad. There was still no sign of Iain Deane.

Keltruth Corp. published a story on this blog showing the link between Iain Deane and the other defendants in the Canadian lawsuit. Two days after the story was aired on the blog, a Toronto lawyer representing Iain Deane had contacted the plaintiff - Iain Deane has been found.

It is worth noting, that the ad in the Nation and Advocate did not link Iain Deane to the other high-profile defendants in the Canadian case.