What are the goals of the Beijing Government? It would appear that a clean environment is not high on the list.

Why don’t the people complain? The problem is that totalitarian governments control the press and all the media, including the internet! People are scared to complain in Barbados, but they are terrified in mainland China.

Anonymous internet blogging is not encouraged in China. The Times Online reported that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was calling for internet freedom there. “China’s Great Firewall must be lifted during the Olympic Games to ensure free access to the rest of the world.”

The punishment for protesting on the web is severe: “A Chinese blogger has been beaten to death by Government authorities for the crime of attempting to record a protest on his mobile phone.” Source Tech Crunch 1/11/2008 - You Tube Chinese Blogger Beaten to death

The Communist Chinese Government is well able to control its own people, but hosting the Olympics has presented Beijing with a dilemma. Should it be business as usual, or should they make a temporary attempt to improve the situation to appease the IOC?

As it gears up to host the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing has been awarded an unwelcome new accolade: the air pollution capital of the world.Satellite data has revealed that the city is one of the worst environmental victims of China’s spectacular economic growth, which has brought with it air pollution levels that are blamed for more than 400,000 premature deaths a year.

Read the entire story by Jonathan Watts in Beijing for The Guardian, Monday October 31 2005

6% better in 2008?

That was 2005. What is it like in 2008? According to Reuters, the goal is to reduce pollution by 6% from 2005 levels!

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will aim this year to reduce its emissions of sulphur dioxide by 6 percent from their 2005 levels as it steps up efforts to fight pollution, its top environmental official said in remarks published on Tuesday.

Read the entire story here: China steps up efforts to fight pollution Tue Feb 12, 2008

I am concerned about Barbados having close ties with Communist China, but I understand that money talks. US President George Bush said he would not trade with Cuba until they had a democratic government, yet China still enjoys America’s “Most Favored Nation” status!I would not like either Barbados or America to become like China - polluted and oppressive.