Are you sure about that? Read this story. “Ex-cop in jail for fishing” is the headline of an article appearing on page 9A of today’s edition of The Miami Herald.

It seems that a 54 year old American, Richard Baker, was out fishing with his wife. They set out from the US Virgin Islands and they were trolling two lines. Unwittingly, they crossed into the territorial waters of the British Virgin Islands.

“They were stopped and charged with illegal entry into the British territory and fishing without a license.” Both husband and wife were hit with a US$1,000 fine for illegal entry. Baker, as captain, racked up another US$45,000 fine and a year in the local BVI jail with hardened criminals! It was reported that the hardened criminals were finding it hard to stop laughing at the situation!

This could happen if you were fishing in Carriacou, Grenada and you went over to Union Island, St. Vincent or vice-versa!