Elneth Kentish and Conflicts of Interest

This prominent Supreme Court judge has been briefly in the news of late due to an assault case. This contrasts with her involvement with Kingsland Estates Ltd., which has been both complicated and long-term.

Ms. Kentish was a director of Keble Worrell, a company that was negotiating to buy Kingsland Estates land on South Ridge. She was also a director of Kingsland Estates, simultaneously acting as a director of Keble Worrell while land negotiations were in progress. There were objections to her appointment as director of Kingsland Estates Ltd., but these objections were overruled by the majority of shareholders.

She was a lawyer with R.G.Mandeville, the law firm representing Classic Investments Ltd. Classic was the originally “undisclosed principal” that took over Kingsland Estates after proving itself to be a “desirable shareholder”. Few, if any, of the existing shareholders of Kingsland Estates Limited knew its actual identity at this time. To date, there is at least one shareholder of Kingsland Estates that does not know the identity of Classic’s shareholders.

So, to summarize the above roles, Ms. Kentish acted as a director for a prospective buyer and a prospective seller at the same time. She also worked for a firm that represented another anonymous buyer.

Ms. Kentish is now a high court judge, presiding over legal affairs in Barbados. Chief Justice Sir David Simmons welcomed her to the position in an address in 2002 on the occasion of a “special sitting of the Supreme Court”.

She is also a defendant in the international lawsuit lodged in Ontario by Nelson Barbados Limited. Other defendants include Classic Investments Limited, R.G.Mandeville & Co. and Keble Worrell Ltd.

We would be interested in hearing more about Keble Worrell Ltd. the company which paid a $75,000 deposit in 1989 on approximately 16 acres of land on South Ridge which it was purchasing from Kingsland at a price of $1.3 million. On the date of its incorporation Southridge Investments Limited concluded an agreement with Keble Worrell Limited to purchase its interest in the contract for sale with Kingsland Estates Limited.

We invite comment or clarification on any of the above issues.

Information taken from Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property office, Belmont Road, St. Michael

(Kentish’s second name is listed as Oliver. I now believe the correct spelling is Olivier. 2/6/09)

Keble Worrell Ltd. - Company No.5340
Incorporated November 14, 1974
Registered Office - 15 James St., Bridgetown
Directors -
Elneth Oliver Kentish
Patricia Jeanne Chenery
John Edward Aitken Kidd
Bjorn Ferdinand Bjerkham