Most of us had already figured it out, but on June 13, 2008 at 9:58 pm over n away” publicly identified “Black Woman Who Reads” as none other than the defendant Iain Deane. Black Woman who Reads (aka BWWR) had indulged himself in some unpleasant character attacks on Barbados Free Press on June 11, 2008 at 11:22 am.

If it is Iain Deane, this would be bizzarre behaviour from a middle-aged British citizen to claim that he is a black 80+ year old grandmother! This tall, handsome self-described “theatre producer and director” is a masterful horse-back rider. While he looks and talks like an aristocratic Englishman, he never married, and to the best of my knowledge has no children. A former resident of Canada, he now lives in England.

While I love a practical joke, creating a misleading identity to launch defamatory attacks on people is not funny. These attacks are not much different to what we saw coming from the individuals who made the violent threats.

Black Woman Who Reads, I deplore this type of character assassination. I will admit that when I expose wrongdoing, it may reflect badly on a person’s character. This is unavoidable. The difference is that while I try to hold people accountable for their actions, you do not hesitate to commence the unfounded character attack. Here is a quote from Black Woman who Reads: “If BFP has actually had 3 million readers, I think you can guarantee that about 100,000 of those have read my posts and have spread the good word. That word is “Madge Knox is a Fraud”.

What motivated these attacks?

Here are some of Iain Deane’s actions:

  • claims “mammoth and far reaching conspiracy
  • sues Kingsland
  • contemplates suing Classic
  • says people behind Classic are too powerful to fight
  • drops his suit and settles
  • abrupt change of heart - attacks the motives and character of Mrs. Knox’s family who are still fighting for a fair settlement
  • refuses to discharge his fiduciary duties as executor in a will in which Mrs. Knox is a beneficiary (Incredibly, the judge says he is not required to provide any accounting to Mrs. Knox!) link
  • is named as a defendant in the Canadian Action

Now some people think that he creates many alternative identities like “Black Woman who Reads” to further his vengeful campaign.

What was the reason for Iain’s abrupt change of heart?

Iain Deane has told a couple of people that he received several times the offered price for his shares. On Keltruth Corp.’s blog, Anon 2, also thought to be Iain Deane but purported to be the child of BWWR on BU, said that it was rumoured that Iain got more than $6 million! Could this have changed his perceptions?

Could Iain Deane be a part of the “massive conspiracy”?

I would urge readers to take a look at the content of BWWR’s tirades. They do not paint a flattering portrait of the author. One thing is certain, Iain Deane is a defendant in the Canadian Action. Could he be blaming his co-defendant Madge Knox for this?

Who loves you, Classic?

Classic Cheerleader
Go, Granny, Go! Alleged grandmother, Iain Deane, has gone from claiming a mammoth conspiracy to apparently supporting Classic. What happened?