Above - Excerpt from Notice of Motion

In a surprising twist, many of the defendants in the famous Canadian lawsuit have decided to share one lawyer, who will represent all their interests in Canada. This can be seen in a recent notice of motion.

Sharing the same lawyer are the following “moving defendants”:

The Right Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur, M.P., and David Thompson

The Attorney General of Barbados and the Country of Barbados

Kingsland Estates Limited, Keble Worrell Ltd. and Classic Investments Limited

The Honourable Elneth Kentish

The Barbados Agricultural Credit Trust

Life of Barbados Holdings and Life of Barbados Limited

Gittens Clyde Turney, R.G.Mandeville & Co. and Malcolm Deane

Eric, Keith and Owen Deane and the Estate of Vivian Gordon Lee Deane

Richard, Gerard and Alan Cox

Sharing the same lawyer could be a sign of thrift. We remarked in a recent post that Kingsland Estates Limited owned about 1% of the land mass of Barbados, and its shares were valued at about BDS$5.3 million in the most recent financial statements audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Assuming that Kingsland’s prime land in Christ Church and St. George should be at least of average value in Barbados, simple arithmetic would suggest that the entire country of Barbados could be worth as little as BDS$530 million, a good reason for the Prime Minister to set an example of thrift.