I came across this critique of Cage’s 2007 movie, National Treasure II. There will be a National Treasure III. While I am doubtful about the existence of the Illuminati, it is common knowledge that Freemasons have played a significant role in American History. Below, Cage is seen looking at the back of the US dollar bill.

Photo (above) and quote (below) from cremationofcare.com

“I personally have enjoyed many of the action movies with Nicolas Cage, such as Face/Off and particularly liked the ones made with Jerry Bruckheimer (i.e. The Rock, Con Air and Gone in 60 Seconds). Of course you can see some element of
propaganda in all movies that come out of Hollywood, but it was with great dismay that I learned that the next movie that the team would be making is nothing less that a piece of propaganda which is blatantly aimed that the younger (teenage) audience to indoctrinate them into having what little knowledge they have of the real Illuminati, being tainted by the idea that its all a bit of harmless secret society stuff.”


What is Cage seeing on the back of the dollar?

On the front we can see Ben Franklin who was on the committee that designed the Great Seal.

On the back, is the “All Seeing Eye” on top of the “Broken Pyramid”. Is this Freemason symbolism from the back of the Great Seal of America? See below:


Obverse   Obverse

The Great Seal of the United States from Wikipedia

In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the 32nd President of the USA. FDR was a Freemason. Since 1935, on FDR’s order, both sides of the Great Seal appear on the reverse of the one-dollar bill.

$1 bill

Controversy about the back of the bill

Among hard-core conspiracists, there has been much controversy about the back of the dollar. In particular the interpretation of the Latin phrase, “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, is taken by some to mean the “New World Order”. This is disputed by most scholars.

A lesser concern of conspiracists is that the bird on the right is not an eagle but a Phoenix.

I won’t be seeing this movie, but tell me about it!

Reviews are not complimentary, but Book of Secrets is a top DVD rental! I won’t be seeing any of this fictional series, but I wonder what the powerful Freemason society in Barbados has to say about it.