On June 21, 2008, BWWR called Bill McKenzie, the lawyer for the plaintiff Nelson, a “Little Billy Goat“.

On the morning of June 24, 2008, the young male goat shown below appeared on the doorstep of a daughter of defendant Madge Knox.

Little Billy Goat” appears at residence of defendant’s daughter, following goatesque ridicule of plaintiff’s lawyer

Above is one of three pictures I received with my sister’s email. Here is a quote from my sister:

“Attached are pictures of what appeared on our kitchen steps early this morning and has decided to stay. I swear.

We do not know where it came from but it will hopefully be going to the RSPCA later.”


One person thought the appearance of a little billy goat was probably a threat. Many people in the area, including some of my Deane relatives, have claimed to have been scared by a supernatural large goat. For me to think it was a threat, the ugly Troll would have to appear on the backstep, not a friendly little billy goat! It might have been a practical joke, given the timing. An omen? No, it was probably just an amusing coincidence. If you have lost a goat, send me your ‘phone number at [email protected]