Abandoned in Time of Need

In a threatening phone call (discussed previously here), the brother of the Chief Justice, Peter Simmons made this statement referring to John Knox: “… Allard and McKenzie will have to be funding him like they are funding his mother and his aunt.”

This statement outraged a reader who was familiar with the situation.

House Crumbled as She Lost Her Sight

Muriel Deane 1915-2003

Muriel Deane was John Knox’s aunt mentioned above. She owned one seventh of Kingsland Estates Ltd. which had real estate assets of 1,100 acres in Barbados. Asset wise, she was one of the richest women in Barbados. Why was she living in such poverty? At one time she did not even have running water. Many areas of the house were off-limits due to termite damage to the floor and structure.

Who supported Muriel in her last days? The directors of Kingsland ignored her plight, as her house crumbled around her.

At one point Muriel Deane’s health declined. She was also losing her eyesight. Her neice, Jane Goddard, took action. She removed Muriel, who was then 87 years old, from the dilapidated Kingsland house, and placed her in a comfortable home. When Jane asked the family for help, most of them ignored her.

Malcolm Deane of R.G. Mandeville, replying to the request for help, stated: ” I agree that members of Aunt Muriel’s generation have been forced to live in deplorable conditions as a result of the injunction obtained by their sister and apparently supported by her children.” Talk about blaming the victim!

Malcolm emphatically refused to help.

Only Peter Allard, Madge Knox and her children contributed to Muriel’s upkeep. Peter Allard showed compassion. He made it clear that there were to be no strings attached to his help. He was adamant that an 87 year old lady in failing health should not be left in a derelict house.

Simmons Comment in Very Poor Taste

For Peter Simmons to glibly comment on this deplorable issue not only shows insensitivity, it implicates him in the scandal.

Many Wealthy People Have Already Profited from Kingsland


Madge Knox’s backyard: Termite-riddled cages and crumbling floor - Mrs. Knox used to raise chickens to help make ends meet while certain people lived in the lap of luxury.

Many wealthy people have already turned major profits from Kingsland. Many more sit on the sidelines awaiting their turn. Where were they when Muriel Deane was forced to endure this indignity? Many wealthy people are still desperately fighting to deprive Muriel’s sister Madge Knox of her assets, as she struggles to survive in a crumbling house. I have not seen a single wealthy Barbadian stand up and condemn the death threats, the abuse and the deprivation that she has been forced to endure.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the scenario of wealthy people waiting to make hundreds of millions of dollars off of the assets of elderly people who live in poor conditions. Peter Simmons has rubbed more salt in this wound!