Over the weekend, a New York Times Travel article featured two terrific Bajan hotels as their top picks for budget-conscious tourists. Both Peach and Quiet and Sea-U! received excellent reviews. No GEMS hotels were recommended, although the two hotels featured are “gems” indeed. The New York Times has millions of readers, and this article and others on Barbados will help bring in more foreign exchange. The ratings and readers’ suggestions page is a good place to add recommendations.

Peach and Quiet host Adrian Loveridge mentioned the article in a comment on the widely-popular blog Barbados Underground. Looking at the two hotels’ websites made family and friends in Florida homesick for Barbados. More than a year has passed since we took the photo at the top of this blog, on Maxwell Coast Road.

Wonder where Rihanna stayed in her recent visit to Barbados? We came across a video that shows her frolicking at a beach that looks a lot like Inch Marlow, you know, close to Peach and Quiet. This gorgeous young lady will obviously never forget her Barbadian roots and friends. Neither will we.