I came across this special report by Margaret Craig-Bourdin on CAmagazine.com. It dealt with the International Money Laundering Conference held by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal.
Some hard questions were asked about the responsibilities of CAs (Chartered Accountants), lawyers and of the entire economic system.
Here is my interpretation. The implication is that the system, the auditors and the lawyers are aware of the money laundering. The auditors and the lawyers often choose to represent the interests of the organizations paying their fees as opposed to rendering an impartial audit. I conclude that, because of the risk involved in these activities, the auditors and the lawyers are benefiting greatly by not blowing the whistle on their clients.

Conference highlights When it comes to dealing with dirty money, are CAs and lawyers potentially just as guilty as the criminals themselves? Worse still, is our entire economic system actually abetting the cause of money laundering and terrorist financing? These are just a couple of the questions raised at an international conference on money laundering held recently by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal. Link
Money Laundering Expert Exposes Canadian-Caribbean “Secret Banking” Connection

Source: Identity Matters Speaker profiles. Jeffrey is the American born, British based, best-selling author of 22 books, and a recognised expert on organised crime and money laundering. A native New Yorker who has been living in Europe for 35 years, Robinson is perhaps best known for his 1995 investigative tour de force, The Laundrymen, in which he uncovered the true extent of global money laundering.

Co-speaker Robinson said 50 of the 200 nations in the UN have secret banking. He also noted that Canadian banks have extensive operations in the Caribbean, which is “all about secret banking.” (Robinson is currently working on a major exposé of offshore banking, which will document the role Canadian banks have played in money laundering throughout the Caribbean.)
I have got to buy that book!