Circuit City is a major retailer of Electronics and Digital Media in the US. It is exciting to see that it is featuring Barbadian Rihanna Fenty in a major marketing promotion! Click on the image below to visit the site.
Circuit City’s “Get connected with Rihanna” promotion makes a bold promise:

“Chat with Rihanna live”!

However it seems that Rihanna’s fans will have to wait. The next line states: “Ask Rihanna a question in our live forum 8/20. Check back soon for more details.”
I predict that this promotion will be wildly successful, and I hope that Circuit City has the resources to deal with the response.
When Rihanna was a little girl in Barbados, I wonder if she had any idea of what the future had in store for her!

Video: Rihanna - On the beach in Barbados

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