World Bank loans Barbados US$35 million for a “National Strategic Plan”
WASHINGTON, August 7, 2008 – The World Bank Board of Directors today approved a US$35 million loan to Barbados to support the implementation of the 2008-2013 National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control. source link
Will this money be wisely spent, or will it benefit “political hacks”?

AID assistance to Third World firms inevitably suffers from all the defects of Small Business Administration assistance to American firms. The SBA is infamous for its waste, fraud, and abuse; the Washington Post once scorned it as “a petty cash drawer” for members of Congress. The agency is a dumping ground for political hacks, and political pull determines much of the loan portfolio. Routinely, a business owner will make a large donation to a politician’s reelection campaign, and the politician will repay the favor by pushing the SBA to give the donor a subsidized loan. Cato Institute, The Continuing Failure of Foreign Aid.
Without adequate oversight, how will this money be actually spent?
Barbados’s population is around 280,000. One and a half percent (1.5%) of Barbadians are HIV positive. This works out to be approximately 4,200 persons infected with HIV. The World Bank is advancing US $35 million is to be spent on a plan for 4,200. This is an expenditure of $8,300 per person with HIV.
AIDS drugs are expensive. In 2001 patients were paying BDS $800 (US $400) per month, source Cafra News. Quote: “The Barbados government announced plans to provide free anti-retroviral drugs to HIV infected persons, although officials were unable to say exactly when the programme will begin.”
The yearly cost of drugs per patient may be as high as the quoted monthly rate of US $400 times twelve, or US $4,800.
Will patients receive additional help or will this US $35 million be spent on consultants? If consultants are involved will they investigate the prisons, where young men may be forcibly exposed to the disease?
Tyrannical Homosexual Societies Hide Behind Barbados Prison Walls?
This July, 22 2007 post was found here on the Queer Sighted Gay and Lesbian Community Blog.

The Barbados Advocate, that Caribbean nation’s second largest and oldest (1895) newspaper reports that the island’s famous Glendairy Prison, now burned to the ground, was under the tyrannical rule of homosexuals, posing a serious threat to heterosexual prisoners, guards and the community at large.

Payne, fighting for his right to remain heterosexual accused the prison administration of allowing the homosexuals to completely take over the Barbados prison system. The prisoner, who confessed to a major dislike for the sexual practice claims that heterosexual prison guards had to lock themselves in cages to prevent homosexuals from swarming all over them.To make matters worse, said Payne, the homosexuals were allied with several of the senior prison officials.
While the above article was very critical of the Barbados prison, another report says it was the best!
British man, author of “Hell in Barbados”, now says that Glendairy was the best!
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A BRITON who spent three years imprisoned in Barbados has written a graphic and detailed account of his jail time at Glendairy and Harrison Point prisons, on a website associated with a support service for foreign prisoners.
Terrence George Donaldson, who was convicted on August 20, 2002 and sentenced to four years in prison for trafficking and attempting to export cocaine, was recently released from Harrison Point.
The issue of Nook Nook and the massive sexual abuse of the young male prisoners was the single most significant cause of the riots which broke out on March 29, 2005.

Yet he called Glendairy a model prison, saying it was the best penal institution in which he had ever been housed, having spent three years imprisoned in Greece for robbery, and other “small” sentences at jails in Britain.

Will those suffering from HIV be able to identify positive benefits? Any plan to fight AIDS should have provisions to decrease the transmission in prison. While handing out condoms may not be acceptable to some, it may help prevent the spread of many diseases. Steps should be taken to reduce the deplorable crime of prison rape. I sincerely hope that this money will find its way down to benefit those who suffer from the disease.

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