Estwick Ebenezer Deane had many descendants. Here are some notables:

  • a former Barbados Senator
  • a medical doctor
  • a lawyer
  • a Barbados Scholar and Engineer
  • some prominent business persons
While they are known in Barbados, none of the above are world famous. Who is the one and only world famous Deane?
The search for the famous Deane
Google searches for specific names in the family did not reveal much beyond the local blogs, except for one name mentioned in Wikipedia.
I went to, and clicked on the “Real people” tab.

I executed a global search for “Deane”, and it returned nineteen world-famous names. Here are the first few:

Number two on the list is Liz Deane. I thought this might be a family member, so I clicked on her name. This is a snip of what I saw:

Surprise! It is my first cousin Elizabeth Deane, the horse trainer! Congratulations Elizabeth! This is Kathy Davis wishing you continued success!