This is an old story involving an owner of Sandy Lane, but I don’t recall ever seeing it in the local papers. According to reports, wealthy money manager David Morrison was charged with assaulting a maid at Sandy Lane by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Mr Morrison subsequently settled with the maid. I noted that the hotel called the police, and that one of the owners of Sandy Lane sued Mr Morrison in a London court over the incident. Click on the image to go the Sandy Lane web site.
Sex, money and tribal war
Peter Koenig on how a legal battle could lift the lid on the ‘Coolmore Mafia’ Times Online February 8, 2004

ON a Friday morning two years ago, David Morrison, a well-connected City money manager, was on the beach in Barbados taking a break from setting up a hedge fund. The sky was blue, the Caribbean aquamarine and he and his partner ran out of suntan lotion. “I think we have another bottle,” he said.
Returning to Room 306 at the Sandy Lane Hotel, Morrison found a young maid, named Stacey Carter-Haynes, cleaning it. Some minutes later he was heading back not to the beach, but into questioning about making an indecent approach to her.
“Morrison sexually harassed Mrs Stacey Carter- Haynes,” a civil complaint lodged in the London High Court alleges.
The complaint says he “physically assaulted Mrs Carter-Haynes by holding her hands tightly by her wrists”.
Morrison denies the charges and says the maid’s allegations are “a fabrication” designed to “blackmail” him. He has told friends he was in the hotel room with her but nothing happened.

Carter-Haynes made her complaint and the hotel called in the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF). Investigating officers determined that “there was enough evidence to arrest Morrison”, said RBPF Station Sergeant Barry Hunte. Morrison was charged with assault. Barbados has no law against sexual harassment.

The London lawsuit was not filed by Carter-Haynes, but by Dermot Desmond, the millionaire Irish financier and co-proprietor of the Sandy Lane Hotel with two other Irish millionaires, John Magnier and JP McManus.
Sandy Lane owner, Desmond, in high stakes lawsuit
Desmond in high stakes lawsuit Sunday Business Post Online March 16, 2003

The plot is set against the backdrop of Barbados. It involves the super-luxury Sandy Lane Hotel - partly owned by Desmond and horseracing millionaire JP McManus - and a case of alleged sexual harassment by Morrison of a chambermaid on the Caribbean island.
Dermot Desmond settles with Morrison
Dermot Desmond settles dispute with Morrison on steps of the High Court The Independent July,10 2004

Dermot Desmond, the Irish billionaire who owns stakes in Manchester United and Celtic football clubs, has dramatically settled a multi-million pound legal dispute with David Morrison, his former employee and star hedge fund manager, on the steps of the courtroom.
After being charged by Barbados police, Mr Morrison settled with the maid by paying her 5,000 Barbados dollars (£1,400) and a further 1,000 dollars in legal costs. He has always protested his innocence, and friends have gone so far as to claim that it was a set-up, providing Mr Desmond with an excuse to sack Mr Morrison.
Ireland’s “Coolmore Mafia”, in which Mr Desmond is a leading member, alongside JP McManus and John Magnier, would also surely not have felt the court battle was in tune with their low-profile, secretive images. With all parties remaining tight-lipped, we may have to wait for the memoirs to find out.
Was it a setup, or is there more to this story?
Many questions remain. Was there a court hearing in
Barbados? Is it possible to settle charges made by the police by paying the alleged victim? How did this matter end up in a London court? Why did Mr Morrison’s friends claim he was set up?

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