Continued from: Barbados Government expropriates Kingsland land but does not pay!
Philip Greaves was a veteran politician. At the time the Government was expropriating parcels of lands from Kingsland, he was both the Minister of Transportation and the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados. Through his company SBG, he was also speculating with the same Kingsland lands prior to expropriation.
S.B.G. Development Corporation
Philip Greaves has described himself as the “G” in SBG. The other initials stand for (David and Peter) Simmons and Glyne Bannister.
Gov’t Acquires Kingsland land for Transport Board after Greaves’s SBG makes offer to buy Kingsland
Greaves’s SBG made an offer for Kingsland on 1st June 1990. Six days later, on the 7th June 1990, Ministry of Housing and Lands announced it would be acquiring approximately 15 acres at Kendal Hill for the New Headquarters of the Transport Board, which fell under Greaves’s portfolio. In addition to Greaves’s influence as Minister of Transportation, he also had the additional clout of being the Deputy Prime Minister.
If things had gone as planned SBG’s lowball offer would have purchased all of the shares of Kingsland Estates Limited. If the Government of Barbados had finally coughed up the money after SBG had taken possession of Kingsland, who would have benefited?
SBG defaulted and the contract was scrapped. Another company, Classic Investments Limited, made an almost identical offer, with much of the same wording in the contract. Did SBG drop out because the identity of the directors was known? Many of us have reason to believe that some or all of the people involved in SBG were also involved with Classic.
Billie Miller Outraged at Greaves Conduct regarding Kingsland
Dame Billie Miller is a former Deputy Prime Minister with a distinguished record of public service. She made a strong demand for Greaves’s resignation over the Kingsland scandal. To end this post here is the story from the Saturday Advocate of August 8, 1992:

Disclaimer: The above post is my opinion based on my interpretation of the evidence. From as early as 1991, our current PM, Mr. David Thompson, was a Minister in Greaves’s party. In 1992 “he was switched to the Ministry of Finance”, requiring Mr. Thompson to deal with the Government’s expenditure. This implies that he will have a much more detailed knowledge of the entire affair than I do. I invite both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Greaves to provide their side of the story.

“From 1992 to 1993, he was switched to the Ministry of Finance as Minister of State, and between 1993 and 1994 he assumed full responsibility for that Ministry.” source