Chief Justice Sir David Simmons

Prime Minister Mr. David Thompson

(photos from Barbados Free Press)

On June 1st, 1990, David A. C. Simmons, now Chief Justice Sir David Simmons, wrote an offer for Kingsland on behalf of S.B.G. The offer included an offer to buy Spion Kop for BD$1.2 million! The Directors of Kingsland recommended that this offer be accepted!

The offer is signed by David A. C. Simmons:

The Problem with this Offer
S.B.G. Development Corporation was incorporated on March, 7th 1991! Here is the S.B.G. certificate of incorporation. Here is the online CAIPO information on S.B.G.
A Company comes into existence upon its registration. The name of the company is specified on the certificate of registration. Before a Company is registered, how can it have a name?
Sir David knows the law. He has been involved in both making laws (legislative branch) and interpreting laws (judicial branch). As a lawyer, he should have been very careful with his words, yet he made this definitive statement:
“I act as Attorney-at-Law for S.B.G. Development Corporation (”S.B.G.”) registered under the provisions of the Companies Act, Cap. 308 on May 31, 1990.”
Whom do you trust?
If you trust the Registrar, David Simmons misrepresented the truth. If you believe that David Simmons is a truthful man, then you will think the Registrar is at fault. I am sure that the Rule of Law would give precedence to the official records of the Registrar over the word of a lawyer.
Was our current Prime Minister David Thompson aware of what was going on? This question will be answered in an upcoming post.

Disclaimer: The above post is my opinion based on my interpretation of the evidence. After I wrote this post, someone told me that David Simmons wife, Marie MacCormack, was the Registrar at some time before 1996. If this is indeed true, I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with her exact dates of service in the Registry. In particular, was Marie MacCormack-Simmons, David Simmons wife, the Registrar of Corporate Affaris on 31 May 1990? Are there any other companies doing business in Barbados that claim to exist but are not registered? I invite Prime Minister Thompson and Chief Justice Sir David Simmons to provide their side of the story.

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