Conflicts Of Interest By Government Members

On September 2nd, 1994, Finance Minister David Thompson (now Prime Minister of Barbados) initialed an agreement that brought together S.B.G., Kingsland and Canadian investor, Graham Brown.

Right: Prime Minister Mr. David Thompson (recent photo from Barbados Free Press)

DLP Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves and BLP party stalwart David Simmons were principals of S.B.G.. Simmons went on to become the Attorney General for the BLP. Soon after, under the BLP Owen Arthur Government, he was appointed Chief Justice. He continues to hold this post under Mr. Thompson’s DLP admistration.

Kingsland Estates Ltd. was a privately owned company with over 1,100 acres of prime Barbados real estate that everybody wanted a piece of.

Mega Business Deals Cross Party Lines
Many have expressed disbelief that such different people with opposing political and business allegiances would have links to the Kingsland scandal. Yes, the list of defendants in the Canadian Kingsland lawsuit is long, but party affiliations did not prevent the multi-million dollar deals made with Kingsland’s lands.

A front page article in the Sun, dated Saturday, September 3rd, 1994, revealed that the deal agreed to by politicians Thompson, Simmons and Greaves encompassed three golf courses, a five star hotel and over a thousand condo units - all to be built on the disputed lands of Kingsland.

Scandal - Finance Minister Thompson Signed The Agreement knowing that His Deputy Prime Minister and David Simmons were Partners!
In 1994 Mr. Thompson knew that Philip Greaves, a senior Minister in his government, was relying upon his own government’s approvals in his quest to make huge profits.
Two years earlier, Dame Billie Miller, a former Deputy Prime Minister with a distinguished record of public service was outraged at Greaves’s conduct regarding Kingsland. In 1992, she made a strong demand for Greaves’s resignation over the Kingsland scandal. (See - Call for Minister to Resign in Barbados Government expropriation Scandal)
Because it was so public, Finance Minister David Thompson would have been aware of the entire situation, yet he signed a deal that would be both unethical and illegal in many countries.
A Youthful Mr. Thompson Approves the S.B.G. - G.S. Brown Assoc. Ltd. Deal

“IT’S ON … Minister of Finance David Thompson initialling the Kingsland Golf agreement with Canadian Graham Brown yesterday at Government Headquarters.”

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Disclaimer: The above post is my opinion based on my interpretation of the evidence. I invite Prime Minister Thompson, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons and former Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves to provide their sides of the story. This will provide perspectives from both political parties.