Is the Barbados Chief Justice about to Retire?

BFP is suggesting that Sir David Simmons will soon be retiring. Here is a collection of our articles on this high-profile politician turned Chief Justice.

November 12th, 2007 Spotlight On …Chief Justice Sir David Simmons I (Lodge and the Early Years)
November 14th, 2007 Spotlight On … Chief Justice David Simmons II (S.B.G. Simmons, Bannister and Greaves)
November 16th, 2007 Spotlight On … Chief Justice Simmons III (Unlawfully Occupying the Office of Chief Justice?)
November 27th, 2007 Spotlight On … Chief Justice David Simmons IV (Was he involved with the VECO prison scandal?)
September 18th, 2008 1994 Scandal: DLP Finance Minister David Thompson signed multi-million dollar Kingsland deal with company of David Simmons & Deputy Prime Minister Greaves!
September 3rd, 2008 Did David Simmons make an offer for Kingsland on behalf of a Company that did not exist?
December 9th, 2007 Chief Justice David Simmons Recommends “One Force”!
December 6th, 2007 Police, Army and Chief Justice in Barbados
November 22nd, 2007 The Cricket Match - Constitutional Satire