In a previous post I stated that, on September 3rd, 1994, David Thompson, now Prime Minister of Barbados, initialed an agreement that brought together S.B.G., Kingsland and Canadian investor, Graham Brown.

What I omitted was that S.B.G. (then Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves’s company) had previously forfeited its agreement to purchase Kingsland Estates Limited!

Iain Deane Explains Why S.B.G. was Out of Order - Kingsland Deal Abandoned in 1993!
Iain Deane wrote a letter to the editor of the Broad Street Journal. It was published on Monday, October 16th, 1995. In his letter he stated that on September 30th, 1993, S.B.G.’s agreement was rendered null and void.

S.B.G. lost the deal 11 months before Mr. Thompson signed!

Below: a few quotes from Iain Deane’s eloquent reprimand of S.B.G.

Finance Minister Thompson Signed The Agreement - Did He Know that His Deputy Prime Minister’s Company had Previously Forfeited Its Deposit?
Imagine the shock of minority shareholders learning of this agreement from the newspaper! They discovered that their property was part of an unknown deal! S.B.G. had forfeited well before Mr. Thompson signed in September.

Did Thompson, then Finance Minister, know that the S.B.G. deal was dead? You might argue that Mr. Thompson did not read the Nation article, but this is no excuse. He was signing a multi-million dollar deal, not a requisition for office supplies! He should have gone through the details thoroughly, especially as politically powerful people were behind the deal.

Suppose a blank cheque had been presented to Mr. Thompson? Would he have signed? Wait a minute, was Kingsland a blank cheque?

It amazes me that Mr. Philip Greaves would have had the hubris to allow his junior Minister David Thompson to sign the document under these circumstances.

Here are the people asociated with S.B.G. : DLP Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves, BLP party stalwart David Simmons, his brother Peter Simmons and Glyne Bannister.

Disclaimer: The above post is the opinion of the editor of Keltruth Corp. based on its interpretation of the evidence. I invite Prime Minister Thompson, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons and former Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves to provide their sides of the story. The public is also invited to comment.