Compare the two stories below. The main accusation in each case was basically the same. A powerful politician had the authority to influence the selection of a vendor. The vendor did work on the powerful politician’s private residence.
The first story takes place in Alaska, USA. A U.S. Senator is being actively prosecuted. The press has been brutal with him.
The second story is set in the tropical paradise of Barbados. A commission reports on the actions of a former minister. The press announces, with an exclamation mark, that he is cleared. No charges were filed. No disciplinary action was taken.
Prosecutors allege more Stevens gifts
Source: Anchorage Daily News, Alaska, September 8th, 2008 - read entire article here. Quote:
In a filing today, federal prosecutors revealed more evidence in their case against U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, detailing a new round of gifts that he allegedly failed to disclose between 2001 and 2003.
The government said the items were a $1,000 sled dog, a $3,200 hand-built stained glass window and a $2,695 massage chair. They are in addition to the $250,000-plus in labor and materials allegedly provided by the oil-field service company Veco Corp. when it renovated and furnished Stevens’ Girdwood home starting in 2000.
Source: Nation News, Barbados, September 21st, 2008 - read entire article here. Quote:

The report also stated: “Mr Taitt, the former minister of health and holder of public office, failed to observe acceptable ethical standards when in 1990 he permitted the main contractor and architect for the St Joseph Hospital Project to provide building and architectural services respectively at his residence, Stanmore Terrace, Black Rock, St Michael, simultaneously with the provision of similiar services at the St Joseph Hospital project for which he as minister of health was accountable.
“These events demonstrate the need of a code of ethics for the holders of public office,” the report stated.
“Mr Taitt failed to observe acceptable ethical standards”
The Commission stated that “Taitt failed to observe acceptable ethical standards”, and called for a “code of ethics for the holders of public office”. Call it “Code of Ethics”, or call it “Integrity Legislation”, Barbados needs it now! (Click photo to go to
Mr. Taitt must have been very happy that he was living in Barbados and not in the US!
Prime Minister David Thompson, the public is losing confidence in the Government. To restore confidence, at home and abroad, you must honour your promise to pass Integrity Legislation!

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