According to a 9/25/08 Nation article, “Lawyers told: Take care of your health“, the president of the Barbados Bar Association, Wilfred Abrahams, is calling on lawyers to mind their health. Here is a quote from the Nation, to which I have added hyperlinks for each lawyer:

His comments came in light of the death of attorney-at-law Rahim Bacchus, 50,who was found dead at his Fort George Heights, St Michael, yesterday morning.
Five lawyers – Alfred Clarke, Hutson Linton, Delroy Saddler, also a former Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Karen Culbard, and Tonya Howard – have died so far this year.
Could it be stress?
It is my experience that the course of justice is fraught with delays and frustrations. I have heard of other lawyers showing stress symptoms. This problem may be far more widepread.
Stress Not Confined to Lawyers
It has been reported that even a judge may be suffering from stress. Plaintiffs and witnesses also experience stress. Steps should be taken to make the courts more efficient and less stressful on everyone involved.