Yasmin Fostock - Pole-dancer I am not laughing. This is a very sad matter that a daughter should be estranged from her father. Yasmin Fostok is a daughter of cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed. While her father wants women covered head to toe, she (shown on the left) is entertaining by dancing while scantily clad. This is truly a clash of cultures. Click on her thumbnail image to see the photo and read the entire 27th September 2008 article by Michael Seamark and Emily Andrews. Here is a quote:

Bakri, who said the British people brought the 7/7 outrages on themselves and praised the ‘ magnificent’ September 11 hijackers, raised his six children on benefits totalling ¬£300,000, and his daughter is following suit.
She lives with her three-year-old son in a ground-floor flat in Catford, South East London. Her rent and council tax are paid by the state and she receives child benefit and income support.
Even though his views probably differ from the typical Englishman, the British people have been very generous to Bakri. Now his daughter appears to have assimilated the London nightclub culture. Every refuge has its price.
It is most unfortunate that both father and daughter have adopted extreme lifestyles. When you move to a new country, you have to make choices. One big choice is whether you want to adopt the lifestyle of the new country or stick with the old. Those who stick entirely with the old run the risk of being isolated - sometimes even from their own children.

Update: According to an article today on ninemsn.com, Yasmin has fled her London home, fearing for her safety.