According to Robert Nolin of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Ken Jenne will be out of jail after serving 10 months of his year and a day sentence for corruption! He was part owner in a company that trained officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Did the Barbadian politicians know that Jenne was corrupt? Here are a couple of quotes from the Sun-Sentinel:

After a stint in federal prison on a corruption conviction, former Broward County sheriff and political power broker Ken Jenne will come home Monday to simpler concerns: his garden and dog.

Last September, Jenne pleaded guilty to mail fraud conspiracy and tax evasion for accepting $151,625 in improper payments and services from Sheriff’s Office contractors.
We already knew that Ken Jenne had made trips to Barbados, and according to Neil Rogers, Jenne’s company, Havloc, was training police officers there! What was he training them to do? Barbados Free Press reported on his Barbados connection.
Apparently Jenne has received several job offers. I wonder if any of them are from Barbados.