Ben Freeman Sex EncounterQueen’s Counsel Anesta Weekes came to Barbados from London to defend former Emmerdale actor Ben Freeman, and the Nation News reported on her glowing praise for the Barbadian Courts. (Photo from BFP.)

“One thing I must sell to London – the court staff provides me with transcripts before my closing speech. We don’t do that in London. I thought that was fantastic. And the High Court judge who presided over this trial was delightful. She was fair, she umpired between myself and the DPP beautifully, and she showed me respect,” she said.



The Knox family has been involved in litigation for ten years. In ten years, the Barbadian Courts have never provided us with a transcript! The only transcript we were able to get was one in which we hired our own reporter! Our experience with Barbadian Court System has been that business is usually conducted in Chambers, and no transcripts are recorded.

Barbadian courts do not usually provide a court reporter, but the judge’s notes may be made available. (In one case we have received the judge’s notes along with the decision 17 months after the case was heard!) In another case, a person was asked if he would record the transcript. He flatly declined, stating he was afraid that it would damage his career. It is of great interest to the Knox family to see this report that some people are getting transcripts, while we know that others are not. Is this a level playing field?

Did QC Anesta Weekes benefit from special treatment to impress the British Courts? Or has Sir David Simmons transformed the Barbadian Court System? We may discover the answer to these questions when court resumes tomorrow, Monday.

Will there be a court reporter in Mrs. Knox’s oppression case tomorrow, Monday, October 20, 2008? Or will it be back to business as usual?

Update: As usual, court was adjourned. I suppose no reporter was needed!