Source Fox News: Austrian Horror Dad

VIENNA, Austria — Josef Fritzl, the Austrian builder who locked his daughter in a cellar and fathered seven children with her, sees himself as a born rapist, a victim of his own tyrannical mother.
Josef FritzlIt is likely that someone knew about the commission of this horrible crime, but kept silent. Fritzl’s wife was reportedly living in the same house!

Left: Fritzl’s mug shot from

Three of the surviving children were allowed to live upstairs with him and wife, Rosemarie, 69, while their three siblings were condemned to a shadowy existence with their mother in the cellar. They never saw daylight until they were freed by police on April 26.

Some have stated that Barbadian victims of crime should keep quiet. Some say Barbadians should keep allegations of corruption out of the international press. They say that it is bad publicity for Barbados. The incestuous sex crime is bad publicity for Austria. Should the Austrian victims and police have kept quiet about this crime to protect their country?

Many People in Barbados Know Details about Land Fraud, but Keep Silent

Incest is a terrible crime. Fraud is another. Similarities between the two crimes exist when perpetrators of fraud are protected by people with ties to the perpetrators. Some people view this type of fraud as “incestuous”.

Many Barbadians know details about land fraud. If you do, you have a duty to share this information. There are many silent witnesses to fraud. Don’t be one of them.

Fraud is like cancer. It takes time, but it destroys peoples’ lives. It must be surgically removed.

You are a law-abiding citizen. You walk the straight and narrow path. Do the right thing. Clear your conscience by sending me an anonymous comment or email at [email protected].

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Update: Austrian incest father Fritzl charged with murder