I was just watching an interview with former US pilot Milton Torres who was ordered to shoot down a large UFO over Eastern England. Torres stated that the UFO was recorded on three different RADARs. What he saw was corroborated. Torres was ordered to shoot 24 missiles, but reported that the object moved away at a speed greater than 5,000 miles per hour.

The Times Online had a good article on the subject. I was amused at the first comment which stated that the writer was “alarmed that my government would be so reckless as to give an order which in reality could have touched off an interplanetary war”.

Source: Times Online

Mr Torres, now 77 and a retired professor of civil engineering living in Miami, told The Times that the day after he was scrambled from RAF Manston he received a visit from an American in a trenchcoat who waved a National Security Agency identity card at him and warned him that, if he ever revealed what had happened, he would never fly again.

(Reminds me of someone who was told that if he testified, he would never work again.) The British recently declassified this X-file.