I was just watching a report on Channel 2, and I heard that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for international control of banks! This would mean that say a bank in Barbados or in America would be subject to international supervision.

The reason that Brown’s statement is so chilling is that his sentiments are supported by many of the world leaders in the industrialized countries. His words must be taken seriously.

Is This a Harbinger of the New World Order?

Many conspiracy theorist love to talk about the New World Order. We are now forced to take notice. It may not be a One World Bank, but it may well be a collection of banks possibly governed by a branch of the United Nations. If this takes place, we will have the beginnings of a One World Government!

Brown Uses High-Sounding Words Like Transparency and Accountability

In the video below, Prime Minister Brown uses the right words - transparency and accountability. He wants to lead the fight to police the world’s banks. While I would welcome greater scrutiny of the Barbados Offshore Banking Sector, I am concerned that an International Banking Commission might abuse its powers for political ends. If there is one Global body controlling all international banking, this would be absolute power.

One More Problem for the Barbados Offshore Industry

One way or another, it seems that more international controls will be forced on the Barbados Offshore Sector. I have always been concerned about the role of the Offshore Industry in money laundering and fraud. As a person whose life has been impacted by fraud, I ought to be. US President-Elect Barack Obama has set his sights on the international regulation of the offshore industry, and now the British PM is going after the banks.

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And he [British PM Brown] said that the current financial turmoil could eventually be seen as what he termed the “birth pangs of a new global order.”