The Funeral

I heard that Anna had a big turn out for her funeral. The priest and congregation alike were very sad. The release of white balloons was very impressive. Update: Here is the page at Lyndhurst Funeral Home.


Yesterday, I received a comment regarding a Facebook memorial for Anna Druzhinina, and I thought that I would like to make sure everyone gets a chance to pay their respects. (The comment also contains an update on the case.) To see the entire comment click here and scroll to the bottom.

Here are a few excerpts:

“In memory of Anna Druzhinina, the beautiful, red-headed, Russian 16-yr-old who lived with her parents in Barbados, please view the two video links at, celebrating her life:”

Go to Facebook - - then look for facebook name is “R.I.P. Anna Druzhinina”. Please visit and sign in.

“Anna was loved and her friendship truly cherished by all who knew her. As you will see in these videos, her friendships cut across all cultural, ethnic, and racial boundaries.”