“THE FAMILY of former Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson is offering a monetary reward for information leading to the arrest of his killer or killers.” - Nation News NO LET-UP 12/7/08

I would encourage the Government to recognize that Mr. Hutson was a former law-enforcement officer, and to offer an additional reward.

“Retired Barbados Immigration Chief and former Assistant Superintendent of Police Kenrick Hutson was gunned down in front of his home on Friday December 28, 2007 while his wife and daughter were inside.” - Barbados Free Press - June 29, 2008

There are two alternatives that Bajans have to face. Either Mr. Hutson was murdered by a person overcome by rage, or he was the victim of a cold professional assassin.

In either instance, the killer should be taken off the streets. Barbados is a small place, and there are probably a few people who have some information on this case.

On the other hand, Barbadians are good at survival. They have seen what happens to people that disagree with the powers that be. They want to keep their heads low. Bajans are wise, and their reticence to come forward may suggest that this is not a simple case.

Could it have been a paid assassin? The scary extrapolation to this line of thought is: “Who paid?” The question is important, because there is always a powerful organization behind any professional killer.

At some point you have to stand up and confront evil, even if it puts you in danger. I congratulate the Nation for running the story, as media coverage has been very light on this major news event. Remember that if, as citizens, we do not root out this cancer it will spread. Whatever motivated this criminal to kill, be it money or be it rage, may motivate him again.

Do the right thing, and please help the family of Mr. Kenrick Hutson put closure to this horrible crime.