Update: Jan 28, Eonline: Bahamian Politician Bailed in Travolta Extortion Plot

“A third person taken into custody, MP Obie Wilchcombe, a family friend of the Travoltas and a former minister of tourism for the island nation, was cleared of wrongdoing and is said to have assisted police in their investigation.”

Update: Jan 26, 5:07 PM EST: source AP News

“NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — A Bahamas paramedic was charged Monday in an alleged scheme to extort $25 million from John Travolta after his chronically ill son died of a seizure at the family’s vacation home.

Tarino Lightbourne, 47, pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to extort and conspiracy to extort from the movie star.”

Jan 25 update: source TMZ

“Here’s what we know about the allegations — Obie Wilchcombe (a member of Parliament and former “friend” of Travolta’s), former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater (she just resigned), and EMT Tarino Lightbourne made the initial demand and then began “negotiating” with Travolta’s people. We’re told Travolta’s reps “negotiated,” not to seriously entertain a payoff but instead to gather evidence against the trio.”

also, ABC:

Bahamas lawmaker accused in Travolta extortion plot resigns, avows innocence

Incredible! According to the reports both PLP Senator Pleasant Bridgewater and politician Obie Wilchcombe have been arrested by Bahamian Police concerning a $20 million extortion plot targeting the grieving John Travolta!

Source: Quote from E!online

Officials arrested Senator Pleasant Bridgewater [left, photo from Bahamas Press] Thursday afternoon in Freeport. Police tell E! News they have some kind of recording of Bridgewater, but did not indicate what she says on tape.Earlier today, ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne turned himself in, accompanied by his lawyer. Lightbourne had received some attention weeks ago after announcing in the press that he was one of those who futilely attempted to revive 16-year-old Jett Travolta before the young man was pronounced dead on Jan. 2.

Another politician, Obie Wilchcombe [right - image source], was also taken in to custody today after he refused to voluntarily submit to an interrogation. A member of parliament and former minister of tourism, and a Travolta family friend, Wilchcombe emerged as an unofficial spokesman for the mourning clan in the wake of Jett’s death.

Acting Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson told E! News that Wilchcombe was “assisting the police” with their probe.

I am impressed that it is possible to arrest politicians in the Bahamas. The “Rule of Law” seems to be in effect over there!