Headlines Tell the Story

The West Indies was once the dominant force in cricket. Recent batting and bowling performances suggest that they are headed for the top. WI’s most impressive recent feat was dismissing the entire English team for 51 runs (West Indies v England, 1st Test, Jamaica, 4th day) to win by an innings and 23 runs. Here is the Cricinfo headline and link:

Cricinfo, February 7, 2009 - Andrew Miller: Taylor routs England for 51

The Cricinfo headlines listed below provide a convenient summary.


Antigua Cricket Ground Described as “Beach” and “Sandpit”

Cricinfo, February 13, 2009, West Indies v England, 2nd Test, Antigua, 1st day - Andrew Miller:

Test abandoned after sandpit farce

Cricinfo, February February 14, 2009:

No more cricket at sandy stadium - WICB

Cricinfo, February February 14, 2009:

Crucial inspections never took place


Mistakes Can be Excused but Accountability is Always Necessary

How did this happen? Obviously the system of checks and balances failed. This calls for a thorough examination of the persons involved in the preparation of this ground. Of special interest are those whose duty it was to inspect the ground.

This mistake caused major financial damage. We should not put this behind us until a system is put in place to prevent this type of scandal from reoccurring.