The Olint posts have always been popular on this blog, and I am always looking for new sources. I think I have found a good one! Abeng News ran the above story on February 17, 2009. Click here to read it.

Here are two short quotes from the article:

Who is Okey Rawson? His was the name which came up first when Abeng News searched for BUSHMASTER, the mysterious poster of emails allegedly transferred between the beleaguered OLINT financial business officers, its clients and assorted politicians and journalists.


One disgruntled blogger argues that the People’s National Party (PNP) administration did not allow the authorities to pursue OLINT until its members had safely removed their money from the club.

Are There Adequate Safeguards to Prevent this from Happening in Barbados?

If Government ministers in any country hold undeclared investments in private enterprise, their positions and their connections may provide them with inside power and information.

  • Inside power - political influence could be used to help companies in which the Ministers hold assets to get Government funds or approvals.
  • Inside information - a fraud investigation can have a devastating effect on a company. Certain Government Ministers are likely have prior knowledge of investigations. It is possible that they could act on this knowledge and leave the general public holding worthless shares. Furthermore, if a Minister knows that a friend is heavily invested in a company that is about to be investigated, he may be tempted to share his inside information!

Without Integrity Legislation there is no effective system of checks and balances. Abuses are more likely to occur.