Lawrence Duprey’s name has been mentioned a few times on the blogs, but who is he?

According to the CL Financial website (Colonial Life), Mr. Duprey is the chairman of its board.  Quote:

Duprey’s Caribbean Vision
The Trinidad Guardian - January 24th, 2008

Chairman of CL Financial and Angostura Holdings, Lawrence Duprey, is one of the Caribbean’s leading entrepreneurs—a home-grown billionaire with interests in real estate, property development, banking, insurance, spirits, methanol, ethanol and the exploration and production of oil and gas.

Founded in 1936 by his uncle Cyril Lucius Duprey, Colonial Life became the first locally owned life insurance company incorporated in T&T.


CL Financial describes itself on its “About Us” tab.

Started out as a holding company for CLICO eleven years ago, C L Financial is now one of the largest local conglomerates in the region, encompassing over 65 companies in 32 countries worldwide.

Clico Holdings Barbados Limited is a Subsidiary

Under the tab “Member Companies” you can find Clico Holdings Barbados Limited. Mr. Leroy Parris is listed as President of the company. Quote:

Clico Holdings Barbados Limited

Clico Holdings Barbados Limited was incorporated in 1984 and was formed to establish a regional base for the Group in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. CHBL is responsible for the following subsidiaries: Clico International Life Insurance Ltd and CLICO International General Insurance Ltd, as well as CMFC, CCB and Clico Property Development Inc, the land developing arm of the company.

Organizational Chart

Here is how I interpret the data for the Barbadian subsidiaries:

CLICO Organization