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The Nation News ran this article on February 16, 2009: Mottley calls for Parris to quit CBC . The story was also carried by the Advocate on the same day.

Mottley and Parris

Mia Mottley is the leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Leroy Parris is the chairman of the state-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Parris is also associated with CLICO. Source: CMFC ONLINE - Meet CMFC’s Board Quote:

Mr. Leroy Parris is the Executive Chairman of CLICO Holdings Barbados Ltd, the Parent company of CMFC. He is also the Chairman of CMFC’s Board of Directors. Mr. Parris is a leader in the insurance industry and is one of a select group of persons worldwide to have been admitted to life time membership of the Million Dollar Round Table. CLICO Holdings (Barbados) Ltd controls and directs the group’s operations in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Reason for Call to Resign

Mia Mottley has urged Parris to step down. Here is a quote from the Nation article:

This was because of the BLP’s accusation against CBC of failing to give the public key information about the local and Trinidad operation of CLICO, the big insurance company, whose Barbados operation he heads.

Is Mia Mottley accusing Leroy Parris of manipulating the news media in favour of his company? Is CBC holding back information on CLICO?

It does not appear quite right when major news stories dealing with Mr. Parris’s other interests, are not broadcast.

Barbados Labour Party Pursuing CLICO Issue

Here is a quote from the BLP blog - Tyrol Cot, February 17, 2009:

In particular, the Barbados Labour Party is calling on the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, who has overall responsibility for the regulation of insurance companies, and thus the protection of policyholders, to state specifically whether or not Clico’s Statutory Fund is in deficit, and if so, to what extent. The Statutory Fund is a fund required to be maintained by all insurance companies in Barbados. Each company must place in trust in Barbados enough assets to match its liabilities to policy holders. This is to protect the policy holders in the event that there are difficulties in meeting the obligations to policy holders.

The BLP release can also be found in today’s Nation.

Back as February 6th, CBC  reported that Mottley was asking questions about Thompson’s bailout of CMFC.  Source CBC

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has a barrage of questions for Prime Minister David Thompson over the government’s decision to make $10 million available to CLICO Mortgage and Finance Company (CMFC), in light of financial troubles at parent company CL Financial.

Why Did this Particular Company Deserve to be Bailed Out with Public Money?

When a public figure uses public funds he/she should be accountable to the public. Mia Mottley makes a good point.

Keltruth Corp. is doing its own investigation on this issue, and will publish next week.