Here is the text of an email that I sent to Miller Thomson LLP. The photo of my mother and the BWWR quotes (see link below photo) were attached.

Kathleen I. Davis
Miami FL 33176, USA
February 19th, 2009

Mr. Andrew M. Robinson,
Miller Thomson LLP
Scotia Plaza
40 King Street West Suit 5800
PO Box 1011
Toronto, ON Canada M5H 3S1

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am the owner of Keltruth Corp., which controls the blog This blog, among other issues, is principally concerned with the Kingsland Estates Ltd. matter, and also with news not normally reported in the mainstream Barbadian media. The blog carried two articles about Maanit Zemel’s behavior during and after the cross examination of Iain Deane. My web host informed me that your firm had sent them a copyright violation notice concerning an article on the website. My web host asked me to remove the “offending material”.

I am attaching a picture of my 87-year-old mother. She has been subjected to death threats, cyberstalking and other forms or terrorization for over a year, and the Barbadian police and courts haven’t done anything, in fact the courts have delayed locating the owners of the IP addresses that we know threatened her, and they have also charged her the costs of collecting the data, without yet allowing her access to all the data. Attached are a few of the terrorizing messages that we received via BWWR, a character that has displayed at least one faxed letter originating from your office on the Barbados Underground blog.

I know that the Barbadian courts and police are probably unable to be unbiased. The Chief Justice himself has been a director of SBG (this is well documented), which had a contract to buy Kingsland Estates shares. But I am absolutely appalled that a distinguished Canadian law firm would attempt to limit the freedom of speech of my tiny little blog (, using perceived defamation/copyright infringement.

I am an ordinary middle-class US citizen, who left Barbados in 1979 because of the corruption and victimization I witnessed there. My brother, my sister and her husband have suffered and continue to suffer through many years of mail tampering, long, harassing audits, threats and legal abuse.

Please explain which parts of my stories are defamatory. I am unfamiliar with the Canadian definition of defamation. The stories contain my opinions, based solely on the facts, and on official Canadian court documentation. The copyright issue is one that would scare web hosts, and my blog’s hosts only mentioned this in their letter to me - they did not even mention the word defamation. In the USA, truth is an absolute defense against defamation, and common, everyday people like myself are able to express opinions without fear of retribution.

In contrast, I find the statements made by BWWR ARE threatening, hateful and defamatory, see attached. My mother is 87, and has been terrorized and insulted. But you seemed more concerned about protecting your employee and/or client from exposure than protecting my mother from danger and distress. In the USA, cyberstalking is taken very seriously. Perhaps it is less serious in Canada.

I would appreciate it if you would investigate the source of any information originating from your office which may have been used to threaten, harass and intimidate my mother. I would like to be informed of the person or persons threatening my family so that we may protect ourselves from danger.

Thank you for your attention to this serious matter,

Kathleen I. Davis.


Mrs. Marjorie Knox

Link to attachment BWWR quotes