A Keltruth Corp. investigation has revealed that  “Sylvia Baldini”, thought to be the wife of CLICO’s Lawrence Duprey, is listed as owning over US $14 million in Florida real estate! “Sylvia Baldini” appears as the owner of four waterfront houses, each valued at over $3 million.

“Sylvia Baldini” is referred to as CL Financial director in one source.  “Sylvia Baldini-Duprey” is also named as Deputy Chairman in the 2007 CL Financial Annual Report. 


The First Step of the Investigation

A Google search for “Lawrence Duprey” florida revealed this (concealed) telephone number and address:

Lawrence Duprey (954) 463-xxxx 2 Harborage Isle Dr,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

There is a little wrinkle here. On the map next to the phone number, the address of this gated community is restated as: “Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (near 33301)”

Putting “2 Harborage Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316″ into Zillow.com brings me to a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 5,684 sq ft house, that was once worth over six million US, and is currently valued at US $3,385,000. (Estimated Monthly Payment: $ 18,742)  Click on the image below to view the house on Zillow.

Last sale and tax info

Sold 07/08/2002: $3,220,000 *
2008 Property Tax: $66,093

The Asterisk * - 2002 Sale Price Not Included in Zestimate

Here is the note for the asterisk on the 2002 sale price:

Transaction Not Included in Zestimate
This transaction was not used in computing the Zestimate for this house due to anomalies we detected with this transaction. These anomalies can include unusual document or transaction types, sales between possibly related parties, unusually high or low transaction prices, or other data irregularities that might indicate the transaction is not a full-value, arms-length transaction. 

Who Own’s #2 Harborage?

Here was a surprise! While looking for the owner of #2, I accidentally hit on the page for #1 Harborage on the South Florida Block Shopper. This page identifies the owner as CL Financial director Sylvia Baldini. This quote further identifies as the wife of Lawrence Duprey. “His planned departure yesterday for his Florida, USA, home where his Italy-born wife Sylvia Baldini waited …” (source DUPREY’S DARK DAYS)
Another reference, CL Financial Annual Report 2007, identifies Sylvia Baldini-Duprey as the Deputy Chairman of the same. (caution large pdf download - source)

Here is the most recent sales data on the house next door, #1 Harborage Isle Drive:

$3,075,000 on October 2, 2008 / Bank Sale (REO)Bank Sale
B: Sylvia Baldini
S: Southtrust Mortgage Corp and South Trust Mortgage

Featured in: CL Financial director spends $3.075[m] in Fort Lauderdale [JAN 2]

$14.3 Million in Real Estate - Owned by One Individual?

The Neighbourhood 

Zillow current estimated values in []. The asterisk (*) on every sale, while not implying anything wrong, “indicates the transaction is not a full-value, arms-length transaction”. )

If this is the same Sylvia Baldini, she owns an estimated $14.3 million current worth of real estate in one neighbourhood, for which she paid $18.7 million?

In addition, a Sylvia Baldini, with an address of 2 Harborage Isle Drive, is a joint owner of a (tax value) $399,660 property in Miami-Dade County:
Owners SYLVIA & XXXX BALDINI &W XXXX E, folio  30-4023-053-0270

Not a Single Property Owned by Mr. Duprey Found!

I could not find a single property owned by Mr. Duprey! This appears to be unusual, as the news media is reporting that Mr. Duprey is very wealthy, and very little mention is made of his wife.

Did Sylvia Baldini buy these houses with her own money or was her husband, Lawrence Duprey, totally devoted and generous?

Stake holders in the various CLICO companies who have suffered major financial losses, may be just a wee bit envious of Sylvia Baldini!

Guardian: Quote - “Through a company called Dalco Properties, [Lawrence] Duprey purchased a 1.98-acre parcel of land in Broward County in 2008 at US$92.87 per square foot.” This property may be a hotel. Is Dalco owned by CL Financial?

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