The Cross-Examination of Chief Justice Sir David Simmons - IV

Sir David is one of many defendants in a case brought by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. regarding Kingsland Estates Ltd., Barbados. (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Court File No. 07-0141) Here is the fourth portion of his testimony: (All Page Numbers are hyperlinked to an image of the page)

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Sir David Simmons Can’t Be Sure of All the Companies of Which He Was a Director

Chief Justice Sir David Simmons testified that when he became Attorney General he resigned from the boards of directors of these companies:

  • S.B.G. Corporation [The correct name is S.B.G. DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, #6293, Reg./Inc. 1991-03-07] 
  • GEM Travel & Tours [GEM TRAVEL & TOURS INC., #2989, Reg./Inc.  1972-11-01] 
  • CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company Limited [C. G. I. CONSUMERS’ GUARANTEE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD., #8739, Reg./Inc.  1993-08-03]
  • “there might have been one other”

Source - Sir David’s actual words from page 35 of his testimony:


“and there might have been one other”

If the Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir David Simmons, can’t remember all of the boards he was on, can he be sure that he resigned from all of them?


  1. Also associated with S.B.G. DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION were Peter Simmons, brother of Sir David, Glyne Bannister, and Philip Greaves, former Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados. More on S. B. G.
  2. The Managing Director of GEM TRAVEL & TOURS INC. is reported to be Janette Louise Greaves, thought to be the sister of Sir David Simmons, and the former wife of Philip Greaves.
  3. C. G. I. CONSUMERS’ GUARANTEE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. was awarded an insurance tender by the previous Barbados Government. (May be known to the public as the sponsor of THE CONSUMERS GUARANTEE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED BARBADOS BREEDERS’ SALE TROPHY.