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Sir David is one of many defendants in a case brought by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. regarding Kingsland Estates Ltd., Barbados. (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Court File No. 07-0141) This post relates to the fourth portion of his testimony, formerly discussed in my post,  Sir David Simmons Not Sure About Directorships


In This Instance Simmons’ Testimony Fits Squarely with the Facts

Simmons’ letter of resignation is dated 7th September 1994. It was registered by CAIPO on the same day. Fair is fair. This resignation is in order. Company records show Simmons ceasing to hold office on 27th October 1994. That is good enough for me.


No Financial Statements Found for Any of the Three Companies

We were unable to find any financial statements for any of the Chief Justice’s companies. In particular, CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company Limited may be required by law to file audited financial statements. I would have thought that since CGI was an insurance company, it would go to great lengths to comply with the law. I believe the public is due an explanation.

Here is a quote from Barbados Underground, “Dateline Bridgetown, Barbados”, September 28, 2007:

We assume this is the same Rommel Marshall who participated in the award of an insurance tender to Consumer Guarantee Insurance (CGI) which it is alleged was higher than the nearest offer. On top of that, there is the conflict of interest angle where a Director of CGI, Mr. David Shorey, is known to be a very close friend of Prime Minister Owen Arthur.


Here is a List of CGI Directors Who May be Able to Expand on This Story

Sir Fred Gollop is reported to be “Chairman of CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd.” on this page of the FCIB site. I could not find his name on the 2004 list of directors.

List of Directors in 2004: Bruce Francis Herbert Bayley, Edmund Bayley, John Andrew Frederick Cole, Peter Vivek Harris,  Grenville Winslow Phillips, David Carmichael Shorey

Previous Directors: Colin Tudor O. Brewer, Michael Neil Fitzwilliam, Sir Fred Winlyn Gollop, Anthony Christopher Hoyos, Norman Leroy Lynch, David Anthony C. Simmons

Names in bold occur (might not be the same persons) on the list of persons sued by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd.: Click here for the list