I received this from Richard Goddard, and I am putting it up as a public notice. It is wonderful to see a group of people take such an active role in preserving our heritage.

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Although started as a personal project of stewardship & conservation, many interested individuals have generously contributed to the project with donations of time, financing, goods & services.  Should you wish to hear about or participate in this or other planned projects preserving our Barbadian Heritage, please contact:

[email protected]


Recommittal Ceremony of the

Mayers-Culpeper Vaults & Burial Grounds


Easy Hall Plantation

St. Joseph Parish, Barbados


Saturday, April 25, 2009

4 PM


On the road about half-way between Easy Hall Plantation and Wilson Hill


Program Highlights



Introductory Remarks by Dr. Karl Watson, Senior Lecturer, History Department, University of the West Indies


Recommittal Service . . . The Reverand Errington Massiah, St. Joseph Parish, will conduct a service recommitting the remains of the persons buried at the site, to this ground and the care of their Maker.


Introduction of Millicent Trotman

     Ms. Trotman is direct Mayers descendant who       

     was present at some of the final burials in the

     vaults, and will share memories of the area.


Remarks by Dr. Karl Watson, Senior Lecturer, History Department, University of the West Indies

     Dr. Watson will present an overview of the

     history of this & other private burial sites in 




Introduction of Mr. Richard Goddard




Benediction by The Reverend Errington Massiah





Families of the Mayers-Culpeper Vaults & Burial Ground *

Culpeper Vault:


Francis Culpeper (Son of William Alleyne Culpeper Sr.) 27 years -  5th July 1813

John Wood (Attorney to William Alleyne Culpeper Sr.) 86 years -  28th Nov 1829

Benjamin Reid Gegg 72 years - 17th Oct 1834

Dr. Parris Greaves 69 years - 9th Oct 1837

Margaret C. Culpeper (Wife of William Alleyne Culpeper Jr.) 89 years - 26th Sep 1868

Nathaniel Thomas Culpeper (Son of William Alleyne Culpeper Sr.) Missing years Missing(burial performed 15th Aug 1795)



Elizabeth Culpeper 33 years - 25th Dec 1793

Abel Alleyne Culpeper (Husband of Elizabeth Culpeper nee Pollard) 30th Dec 1798


Believed buried in 4 unknown graves or Nearby Field:

Mercy Alleyne Culpeper (Wife of William Francis Culpeper, Sr.) 5th Dec 1795

Nathaniel Henry Culpeper (Brother of Francis Culpeper) 14th Sep 1798

John Milward Walcott 22nd May 1801

Elizabeth Farnum 19th Feb 1802

William Francis Gill 4th Aug 1803

Sarah Jane McClean 12th Aug 1803

Jane Ann Massiah 9th Apr 1805

Deborah Massiah 17th Feb 1817

Mary Alleyne Culpeper (Infant daughter of Dr. William Francis Culpeper) 29th Jul 1815

Mercy Alleyne Culpeper (Infant daughter of Dr. William Francis Culpeper) 8th May 1817

William Francis Culpeper Sr. (Husband of Mercy Alleyne Culpeper) 3rd Jul 1817

Richard Halls 11th Aug 1823 

Dr. William Francis Culpeper (Husband of Martha Jane Layne) 10th Jul 1828                                              continued




Families continued


 Mayers Vault:


Dorothy Mayers (nee Massiah)  59 years  - 18 Nov 1853

James Benjamin Mayers  62 years - 13th Jul 1854

Charlotte M. Woodroffe (nee Mayers)  25 years - 18th Sep 1854

William B. Massiah  Illegible  Illegible

Susan Armstrong (nee Mayers)  26 years - 26th Jun 1864

William B. Mayers  48 years - Jun 1866

Sarah Mayers  57 years - 14th Jul 1881

W. F. H. Massiah  2 ½ months - 16th Nov 1881

John Mayers  67 years - 1st May 1887

James B. Mayers  62 years - 10 Mar 1898

Dorothy Mayers  84 years - 5th Nov 1905

Elizabeth R. Mayers  73 years - 25th Nov 1906

Harriet Mayers  90 years - 9th Apr 1917

Martha Hendy (nee Mayers)  89 years - 4th April 1921

Joseph Mayers  Missing  July Missing


* note: not all burials have thus far been identified