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Chief Justice Sir David (far left, wearing wig) and his brother Peter Simmons were formerly defendants in a case brought by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd.

This post discusses pages 57 to 84
of the cross-examination of the Chief Justice.


S.B.G. Files Destroyed


While my family is fighting to resolve the Kingsland Estates matter, documentation is  either being destroyed, forgotten or lost. When my family was assembling the evidence involving documents from Kingsland Estates Limited, Classic Investments Ltd. and S.B.G. Development Corp., S.B.G. files were being burned - incinerated at the request of the Chief Justice of Barbados, former S.B.G. director, David Simmons!

According to his sworn testimony, in 2004, Simmons gave “all S.B.G. files, political files, whatever …” to a man to be incinerated. This incineration was agreed to by a Mr. Stuart and a Mr. Leonard Morris presumably from the Court system. It is likely that the incinerator used was Government-owned.

It is my opinion that any and all S.B.G. Development Corp. files are likely to be material evidence in past, present and future Kingsland litigation.

(Read pages 57 to 84 or scroll down to see page 70.)


Chief Justice Sir David Simmons Knew About the Kingsland Case


“Mrs. Knox [Kingsland shareholder] applied to the Court of Appeal for conditional leave to appeal to the Privy Council and for a continuation of the injunction. This was heard by a single judge in chambers on May 6, 2003, one day before the expiration of the injunction on the shares and assets of the company.”  Keltruth Link

It was a big deal when someone appealed to the Privy Council. This action would be going over the head of the Chief Justice, so I am sure that he was kept well informed.

The Chief Justice has testified that he burned the S.B.G. files in 2004. Is it coincidental that these files were burned after Kingsland shareholder Marjorie Knox was given leave in 2003 to appeal to the Privy Council in England? Hear Simmons’ own words:

Chief Justice Burned S.B.G. Documents

Were other people affected by the burning of their files? Many lawsuits in Barbados last longer than ten years!

Note: The destruction of the S.B.G. files is compounded because there is little documentation of S.B.G. in the Corporate Registry.

Disclaimer: We wish to remind our readers that while we quote public court documents, the contents of these documents should be taken as unproven allegations. What we state here is our opinion. On the other hand, we welcome and value comments. Messrs. Stuart, Morris and Simmons, can you give me the actual date these S.B.G. files were burned? Under the circumstances, anonymous comments are most welcome.