If you do a search on Google, you are performing a worldwide search. There must be hundreds of thousands of news sites on the web. There must be thousands that specialize in controversial news, but my eyes popped out when I saw the following.

If you search for “site that discusses controversial issues“, you will see that the top link brings you back to keltruthblog.com’s Barbados National Trust Discusses Controversial Issues after P.M. Thompson Speaks. Since no country is mentioned in the search string, Keltruth was in competition against all of the top newspapers in the US, the UK, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Keltruth got lucky and won this one!

I am not going to take the credit for this honour. I am going to credit Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson for being such a good source of material. This blog is very appreciative of his unwitting contributions.

Sorry, Advocate! Sorry, Nation! I could not find you on this search. Maybe you can suggest a search that would put you at the top!

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