David Simmons, SBG & VECO

Chapter I - The First of Three Installments

A star is born

On April 28, 1940, in the small colony of Barbados, a star is born: David Anthony Cathcart Simmons. David is a boy of great intelligence and ambition. Graduation from the Lodge School, and a degree from the London School of Economics become mere milestones in his ascent to power.

Obstacles Overcome
It is inspiring to think that this young man surmounted all obstacles and rose to become one of a handful of luminaries who defined the character of a young nation. One obstacle was that his diverse background made it difficult for him to feel comfortable within the socio-economic divisions that existed at the time. Being of a diverse background myself, I can sympathize with his experience.

Statesman, Legislator, Member of the Judiciary
Always the BLP (Barbados Labour Party) stalwart, he was first elected to Parliament in 1976. He became the youngest lawyer to be appointed Queen’s Council in 1984, and then served as Attorney General from 1985 to 1986.

Sir David’s public service record is well publicized, but his business dealings are another matter.

To be continued tomorrow…. David Simmons, SBG & VECO

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