Dominican Today May 20, 2009

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Watchdog, is a nonprofit consumer protection agency operating under a new trust and transparency program in collaboration with the European Union Commission and under the United Nations protocol against corruption and crime, the Web site PRWEB reports. “We are urging property buyers, who have been victims of real estate fraud in the Dominican Republic, to come forward in an exposé of the deplorable condition for international real estate investors.”

Maybe we should start a local chapter in Barbados.

The Web site also notes that “your deposit is not covered by any insurance or federation of estate agents. Please note that lawyers in the Dominican Republic do not have a malpractice insurance like their United States’ counterparts — funds on their account are not covered by any guarantee. Before you start a lawsuit in the Dominican Republic we advise you to read our guide lines for Dominican lawsuits since most lawyers overcharge foreign investors by as much as 400-800%.

Reminds me about the legal fees for an “impecunious” Kingsland Estates Limited!
(Quote from the old Keltruth site)

In 2001 Civil Appeal No. 17 of 2001 was filed. Marjorie Knox was ordered by the Court of Appeal judges to pay $1 million into court as security for costs and VAT which had been claimed by the lawyers for the respondents or her case would be dismissed. The lawyers claimed:

  • Sir Harold St.John, Q.C. $626,750.00
  • Mr. Leslie Haynes, Q.C. $612,950.00
  • Cottle Catford & Co. $379,500.00
  • Mr. Vernon Smith $552,000.00
  • Mr. Clyde Turney, Q.C. $172,500.00

It is hard to imagine lawyers running up fees of $2,343,700.00 on behalf of a company that was described as “impecunious“!