When I saw this title on StrategicRisk, I could not believe my eyes: PwC fraud academy opens its doors…

I recalled that PwC was recently making fraud news  of their own: PwC India Auditors Charged with Forgery and Fraud in Billion Dollar Accounting Scandal

Here is a quote from the PwC fraud academy article:

The world of regulation and enforcement in this area is also changing. The incoming Bribery Bill seeks to replace the UK’s patchwork of Victorian legislation with a purpose built system appropriate for dealing with companies operating in a global market place. Under these new rules companies and directors will be firmly in the firing line for abuses in their sales channels and supply chains, whether they have been conscious of these or not.

Does this mean that if a bribe is paid in Barbados, the UK directors could be liable? I believe that the US already has this type of legislation.