The Nation  (August 4, 2009) published some allegations about the head of Blackwater:

A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 in federal court in Virginia. The two men claim that the company’s owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company.

According to Source Watch, Barbados Corporation, Greystone, is affiliated with Blackwater:

Turning a grey area into a brand asset

According to Jeremy Scahill, writing in The Guardian,

While the private military/security industry rejects the characterisation of their forces as mercenaries, Blackwater executives have turned the grey area in which they operate into a brand asset. The company has been quietly marketing its services to foreign governments and corporations through an off-shore affiliate, Greystone Ltd, registered in Barbados.
In early 2005, Blackwater held an extravagant, invitation-only Greystone “inauguration” at the swanky Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington, DC. The guest list for the seven-hour event included weapons manufacturers, oil companies and diplomats from the likes of Uzbekistan, Yemen, the Philippines, Romania, Indonesia, Tunisia, Algeria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Kenya, Angola and Jordan. Several of those countries’ defence or military attaches attended. “It is more difficult than ever for your country to successfully protect its interests against diverse and complicated threats in today’s grey world,” Greystone’s promotional pamphlet told attendees. “Greystone is an international security services company that offers your country or organisation a complete solution to your most pressing security needs.”
Greystone said its forces were prepared for “ready deployment in support of national security objectives as well as private interests”. Among the “services” offered were mobile security teams, which could be employed for personal security operations, surveillance and countersurveillance. Applicants for jobs with Greystone were asked to check off their qualifications in weapons: AK-47 rifle, Glock 19, M-16 series rifle, M-4 carbine rifle, machine gun, mortar and shoulder-fired weapons. Among the skills sought were: Sniper, Marksman, Door Gunner, Explosive Ordnance, Counter Assault Team.[2]


My impression of Greystone and Blackwater is that they operate as mercenaries. Greystone offers its services to fight the “bad guys” - guns for hire.

Does Greystone’s presence as an official corporation in Barbados signal that the Barbados Government has given its approval to this militaristic organization?

Could any West Indian government hire Greystone to “take care” of a “situation”? Anybody need a “Sniper, Marksman, Door Gunner, Explosive Ordnance, Counter Assault Team”? Would the Barbados Government hire Greystone to deal with perceived threats to the Government?

In December, 2007, Barbados Free Press wrote: “Barbados Government Agents Continue Death Threats Against Citizen Journalists“. If the Barbados Government employs agents, and is providing a base in Barbados for a company that employs “mercenaries“, … I don’t want to finish this sentence.

Disclaimer: Opinions of Keltruth Corp. Above article expresses unproven allegations made by third parties.

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