According to CNN, Obama has scrapped a bad “Bush” missile defence system, and has replaced it with a better one.

According to the Telegraph, Obama has caved in to Russian pressure. The Eastern Europeans feel betrayed and are downright scared. The Russians are delighted.

Who are we to believe? The Russians were complaining that the Bush-era defense system was too good. Now we hear that the Russians are happy with the new developments. The Russians went as far as to declare “Victory over Bush-era foreign policy in Europe” through their state-controlled Pravda media! They said the new policy was a “clear sign of respect for Russia’s national security”!

CNN, Sept. 17, 2009: Obama scraps Bush-era missile defense for new plan

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The United States is overhauling Bush-era plans for a missile defense shield in Europe, based partly on the latest analysis of Iran’s offensive capabilities, President Obama said Thursday.The “new missile defense architecture in Europe … will provide capabilities sooner, build on proven systems and offer greater defenses against the threat of missile attack than the… program” that former President George W. Bush proposed, Obama said. …

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates … denied the United States was “scrapping” missile defense. : Barack Obama abandons European missile shield to delight of Russians

President Barack Obama has abandoned plans for a missile defence system based in Eastern Europe in a move which angered allies but delighted Russia, which vehemently opposed the move. …

The decision angered Czech and Polish allies but was welcomed in Moscow where leaders had publicly scoffed at the idea that Iran posed a serious threat to the US.

The Kremlin argued the proposed shield would dangerously dilute Russia’s ability to defend itself, altering the strategic nuclear balance between itself and Washington. President Dmitry Medvedev had even threatened to deploy short-range Iskander missiles in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad if Washington went ahead with the plans.

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