Nation News, October 17, 2009: GOD’S WILL

REVEREND PETER MILLINGTON has resigned from the Senate of Barbados with immediate effect.

Not only that, but he has tendered his resignation from the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) as well.

I don’t know the circumstances, but this resignation should not be taken lightly. The Reverend Millington did not only resign from the Senate, he resigned from the party as well!According to the article, Millington was quoted as saying “the country had turned from God”.

Did Millington resign because he thought the ruling Democratic Party was corrupt? Whatever his reasons, the Reverend must have felt a strong wave of disgust with the party to leave in such a fashion.

What was the last straw for the Reverend Millington? What stunt did the DLP pull that led him to this drastic move?